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I have an ATI video capture card and I can capture clips from any thing on TV. These pictures are from the Net, but you get the point... yes you could show me some images with stars, but then I could show you a whole bunch of images with out any stars or any of the patches.


Patches/badges would have no function and I don't figure the Nazis wasted valuable time and assets making prisoners pretty.






We see these patches all over the Internet, but when we see footage from WW2 films, 99.9999 % Never have these symbols on their clothes.


The best footage is the film taken when the allies went into those prison camps. These are on The Discovery Channel, PBS and the like. If you see the actual film, there is less chance of some Internet goof concocting stuff and publishing it.


I could make up a chart where they wore Mickey Mouse badges. Except for the stars, I have seen none of this symbolism... in fact people who had been in those camps for a while wore nothing but rags (if they are not walking around with their butts hanging out)





In tens of thousands of frames of WW2 films, you see NO stars on Nazi prisoners at all. We are also told there were all kind of symbols for different groups

While I have seen these all over the Internet, in actual photos or films of people in prison camps, they are non existent. Why would the Nazis waste their resources getting patches made and sewed on. Gypsies, Homosexual, Communist .. they were nothing but slave labor.

With out a shred of evidence I have thought those stars were created and sewed on by the 'Jews' themselves as some kind of pride symbol?



We are told that different groups in the prison camps had different patches they had to wear.


Yellow Stars: 01

In thousands of frames of WW2 films, I don't believe I have ever saw any thing but the star emblems

If you know of any footage actually taken by the allies when they went in the prison camps that showed other emblems, let me know.


Yellow Stars: 02

When looking at lines of people at train stations boarding for one of the Nazi camps

When looking at prisoners in the camps, Some have the stars on their clothes, some do NOT have the stars sewed to their clothes.

a) Those who did not have the stars were not 'jew's

b) Only some 'Jew's were required to wear the stars.

c) Stars were NOT a requirement of the Nazis


Yellow Stars: 03

What industry manufactured the yellow stars?


Yellow Stars: 04

How / where did 'Jews obtain these stars?


Yellow Stars: 05

What could be the reason for the Nazis to make 'Jew's sew stars on their coats, if it were their intent to kill them when they got to the camps?

No stars on these 'Jew's when the allies came to their camps and filmed them.

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