Friday, June 19, 2009


We are told that different groups in the prison camps had different patches they had to wear.


Yellow Stars: 01

In thousands of frames of WW2 films, I don't believe I have ever saw any thing but the star emblems

If you know of any footage actually taken by the allies when they went in the prison camps that showed other emblems, let me know.


Yellow Stars: 02

When looking at lines of people at train stations boarding for one of the Nazi camps

When looking at prisoners in the camps, Some have the stars on their clothes, some do NOT have the stars sewed to their clothes.

a) Those who did not have the stars were not 'jew's

b) Only some 'Jew's were required to wear the stars.

c) Stars were NOT a requirement of the Nazis


Yellow Stars: 03

What industry manufactured the yellow stars?


Yellow Stars: 04

How / where did 'Jews obtain these stars?


Yellow Stars: 05

What could be the reason for the Nazis to make 'Jew's sew stars on their coats, if it were their intent to kill them when they got to the camps?

No stars on these 'Jew's when the allies came to their camps and filmed them.

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